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Same problem with my leaf. Any luck with a solution aside from covering or disconnecting the sensor? Did you try disconnecting? That seems ok if it works.

Thanks, Dave

Yes, shutting the emergency brake off is not difficult, in the console settings its Driver Assistance > Driving Aids > Emergency Brake > Rear Brake in the setup. Has to be done every time the vehicle is started, which is insane.

I found two older fixes on YouTube last night.

I tried taping just a piece of paper over each of the sensors and that worked to stop the sensors which in turn engage the brake. I am not going to ride around like that, so need to find a sleeker way to do it that isn't going to damage the paint. Thinking a foam adhesive that maybe I can paint over w/ matching car color.

The other alternative that I see is getting into the bumper and disconnecting the power source to the sensors. There is a panel under the car that prevents easy access to this, but may not be difficult to take off. This would be a little more ideal than placing something over the sensors.

I am fairly confident covering or disconnecting the sensors is the only fix here. I've driven around without rear sensors for 20+ years and the camera still very much works.

With all of this said, I am going to engage my dealership first to see if they can do the disconnection for me, but somewhat expecting them to say no.

It's crazy to me that a bike rack on a compact SUV isn't considered in the design. Very poor, but see similar issues with Suburus and Jeeps too.

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