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i have a group buy getting started for b12 sentra's for reverse indiglo i e-mail this company to see if they make cutom gauges the said yes but they nee the fellowing.
so if you guys wanted them here is your chance i a getting them frist i all ready order my's custom made for $95 buck with carbion fiber baxel or cover.

We don't currently offer EL-Glo Dial Kit's or Bezels for your dash.

However, some vehicles have identical dash clusters. Please check out our

site at to see if parts for your dash are available. If

you are interested in becoming a Group Leader for your cluster, please read

the info below:

***The Group Leader is the one who sends in the cluster for his car. Please

don't use your own vehicle's cluster, we don't send it back. The best thing

is to get a cluster from a junkyard (it does NOT have to be in working

condition HOWEVER it DOES need to have everything intact - ie needles, etc).

Please do not spend a lot of money on Postage sending your cluster to us.

Send it Ground Mail or whatever is cheapest. However, please make sure it is

INSURED! ***And remember to add your contact information in the package.

Once you send it to us we will consider you the Group Leader for your car.

We will then be able to add your cluster to our Group Buy Program. Then it

will be up to you, as the Group Leader, to answer emails pertaining to your

cluster about the Group Buy. We will be in contact with you through out the


Once we receive 20 Pre Orders we will begin tooling for your car. You as the

Group leader will get your EL-Glo Dial kit for FREE. We also offer

additional discounts to you and your Group. *Free Text, Free Graphics (ie

Flames, Race Stripes, etc), Free Logo's off of our Standard Logo page. In

addition, we have your Group (through you) pick one additional logo to add

to your list of options. Usually this is your Cars Make or Group Logo.

We also can add the Km/h version to the Pre Orders for FREE as long as we

have at least 5 Km/h Pre Orders. If there are less than 5 people wanting

Km/h then those that want Km/h will split $40.00 between themselves to have

Km/h put on the gauges instead of MPH (i.e. For 4 people $10.00 will be

added to each of their orders).

The price for our Pre Order Program EL Glow Dial Kit's will generally be

$119.95 plus $8.00 S&H per Pre Order.

Thank you for your interest and please email us if there are any further



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need more info . and i would love to know were u got ur ca motor from. was it a direct drop or where the series mods?

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Group buys go in the "Group Buy" section

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ok guys

hey i am going to the junk yard to get a gauge cluster to send to them today .then i am going to eat some turkey have some fun then on friday i send it out .but i need more people to sing up for the group buy.
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