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I have a 97 sentra - auto. w/ intake, exhaust, etc.
I usually shift at or up to about 4500 to 5000.
What is the actual rev limit?


How much faster is the manual vs. the automatic?

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on a 1.6, the rev limit is at 6900rpms. if you have a tach built in, it would be right where the needle hits the red line on the face. If you are interested in having a built in tachometer, you can get one out of a 200sx 1.6 and you can use my link below to find out more.
BTW, If you want to go up way up there, I recommend you shift no later than 6800rpms b/c you start to lose power as you hit the limit.

as for the Auto vs. Man., an automatic car, loses more power though the tranny than a manual. an auto GA16 has about 82FWHP stock while a manual has about 90FWHP. Also a manual can accelerate faster since it has closer gear ratio since it has more gears (drops you at a higher rpm after you shift).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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