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My first car was a Nissan NX2000. I Bought that car in 1994 and finally crushed the car at a long beach wreckage facility :eek: . I went through everything with that car from So Cal street races to the first battle of the imports to the first import showoff back when Kosoku was a top show team and Jr Asper from Redline and Archie Madrazo from Split Second were some of the fastest street cars. It was hard to let the car go however the car was in a garage for the past two years and we were going to make an attempt at a full blown drag car. The drag race scene is dying out and with Drift and JGTC taking over i figured it was time to cancel the project. I still will continue to be a fan of the sr20de engine. So I plan to come here from time to time and see what the trends are and stay in touch with the "nissan" family.

Ryan :thumbup:
[email protected]
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