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Retired my 90 Sentra

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Yup, that's right. Taking her to the "auto recycler" today or tomorrow.

Inspection was due in a month, and it was gonna cost around $1000 Cdn to keep her on the road. (Not including replacing worn-out struts.)

My new car is a 2005 Honda Civic SE Coupe. Nice car. Manual transmission too!

Thought about getting a new Sentra but the closest dealer is at least 30min drive away.

I doubt I will be around here much anymore. I thank the forum owner and all the people who have helped me the past 2 years.

Been looking for a forum for my new car but haven't found any as helpful or well laid out as this forum.
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i cant beleive u went and got a honda... just because the dealership was 15 mintues farther than u would have driven... shame on u
Coulda got a Spec V Sentra for less. How many times could you replace the Sentra after 1 yr of payments? j/k, you got yourself a nice ride, you'll enjoy it for years to come.
I thought of getting an older civic, but I liked the looks and styling of the Pulsar more. But your new 05 is a nice ride man. Good Luck with it.
nice catch.. although i'm not a fan of the payment plan that comes with the new or the insurance. but then again.. I drive a 92 Cavalier Z24 and a 95 Sentra.. both 5 speeds though :) the sentra was supposed to be a winter beater.. but i kinda fell in love with the 400.00
Sorry to see another one bite the dust, but your loss is a someone else gain I guess ? Maybe parts from your car will hit the street once again on someone else's ride here ?

My Sentra relationship started out with a $400 winter ride too. Now the Sentra is covered up in the garage while all the other vehicles sit outside. :)

At this point, i'll probably have mine forever. :cheers:
Bills Bills Bills There is enough of my money going to weekly bills so I don't like payments either. Good point Bro. So maby I will get the other Pulsar BlackNISMO95 :loser:
hey i drive a mazda now, i know how that goes
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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