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This is how my set up will be before my Stromung cat back exhaust is put in.

Focuz Header
K&N Cone Filtercharger

That's it on the bolt ons

should I buy a resonator with the Stromung group deal when i get my exhaust, or not?

will it sound too rice-ish if i don't have one?

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I can almost guarantee you that this will be your reaction to your new system if you leave the forward resonator out. However, if you like your exhaust loud & blatty, go right ahead.

I'm running the stocker exhaust on my SE-R right now, but a friend has an older SE-R w/o the forward resonator. Between the drone of his Borla (expensive junk) and the lack of a forward muffler, you can't hear a damn thing inside his car. Mine is nice & quiet, and will actually outrun his car!

Plus, the resonator is usually a straight-thru piece on most hi-perf exhausts, so it won't rob HP, only quiet the dB level down.

IMHO: Go with the resonator.


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thanks fellas, I definately hate that loud honduh sound, I'll get that resonator to help shut my car up :)
as for not being able to hear the stereo inside my car . . ..

the 4 6.5 inch blaupunkt speakers in the car and the 2 12 in blaupunkts in the back keep the music loud enough :)

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James said:
I tried going w/o a resonator for a day. Wasn't loud but it sounded very 'coffee can' muffler like... made that horrible farting sound at certain rpms in general sounded bad. Next day put on a 2.25 36" glasspack and the sound got clean and deep...
I believe he was refering to the Stromung setup... I would agree if you are talking about an average aftermarket muffler.. The stromung includes a perforated double walled tip on the muffler...this drops the sound and does not take anything away from the performance... most mufflers on the market dont include this..hence the coffee can sound..

You can make it out a little in this article... not about the exhaust but a good pic of the tip.
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