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I have a 1982 280ZX Turbo with some problems. The seller I brought is from had modified it a bit and I am trying to bring in to something close to OEM/ I am looking for a shop in the San Francisco Bay Area that can help with the following issues:

1. Smog. Several Smog control items are missing and there are a couple of blow off valves.
2. Steering. The power steering was removed. I need to have it replaced.
3. A/C and heating. The compressor was removed a the rest of the a/c is trashed. It needs to be replaced.
4. Overall renovation. The car is in fair condition. I would like it to be nice enough to drive daily. This means some restoration.
5. When all this is done, I would like to consider a roll cage, bucket seats and an 5-point harness.

Thank you,

Trajan Aurelius
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