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Replacing Headlight - Help!

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I just got "volunteered" to replace the headlight on m y Lady's 91 240SX. I've replaced headlights before, but never on a flipup. My Lady loves this car, so if I screw it up, I'll be singin' soprano! ;)

How is it done? Is it fairly easy and straighforward?

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brainscratch said:
its pretty easy. first of course you raise the light up, then remove the screws on the sides of the light. this hold the plastic head light surround. P
Thanks- this sounds pretty much like any other headlight replacement. Trouble is, when I "remove the screws on the sides of the light..." I find they're the alignment screws! ;)

I'll give it a go tonight.
Did the job last night: went in slicker'n'snot ("That can't have translated right..." ;) )

Thanks for the help!
Lloyd - still singing baritone
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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