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UnderDog said:
By the by, at the shop I used to work at I used to get a lot of cars in with torn C/V boots, and we would sweet talk the customer into replacing the whole axle (which was actually cheaper with the core than replacing just the boot, including labor), but anyway I'm getting off track.. we would usually try to sell them in pairs, and I was told never to remove both axles at the same time as there was a piece inside the transmission that was suspended inside it and ends of the axles inside the tranny held it in place, and to keep it suspended there you had to leave one axle in the tranny case while you replace the other one, and if you removed both at the same time the piece would drop into the bottom of the tranny case and one would have to crack open the case and put it back. Is this true? If so, is it true on all transmissions?
I hope not every time I do more than one axle the tranny is just siting there. I never had to do this.
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