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Sorry I am going off subject again (lol).

Question about clutch installation...

I encountered a few problems while installing a new clutch... I installed a new Exedy clutch/pressure plate/t.o.b. and just finished the job. For some reason, the pedal feels a hell of a lot softer than before. At first when I put the cable back on there was some play, even with the thumb screw tightened to its fullest. We found a way to 'rig' it and get it to where there was no more play, but still the clutch pedal is still soft. Is it supposed to feel this soft? And if not, what could be some possible problems? The clutch seems to grab somewhat better but engages earlier (about a little past half-way up on the pedal) as opposed to the way it was with the original clutch (which engaged close to the top). Would anyone have an idea? I would appreciate any help!
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