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'95' Nissan Pathfinder XE V6 needs Front Upper Ball Joints, Tie Rods End, Stabilizer Bar Bushings. Its my first time shopping for replacement parts with the intent of doing the labor myself. Need help deciding what brand to buy for replacement parts. Took the wagon for an alignment when where i was told i needed to replace upper ball joints, pitman arm, and outer Tie Rod Ends for $666. + tax.

Decided to DIY, Googled the parts and found some assembly diagrams and parts here: Part Detail offers Assembly kits if I am reading it correctly which would be great because all the bushings washers and nuts come with the Joint Assy-ball, upper $79. but this kit does not come with a greasable ball joint. Any suggestions, tips?

Found parts from various Brand Names and prices so I am not certain which is better or why. I don't mind paying a little more for a better product, for example Mevotech greasable Ball Joint vs. Non-greasable.

TIE ROD Ends Outer - what is the Right Hand and Left Hand Thread referring to?? What brand should i buy and approx. how much should I pay for these?

I have disregarded the pitman arm replacement for now since the upper ball joints, tie rods and stabilizing busing are in greatest need of replacement.
Please advise whether I should go with the nissan assembly kits or just order parts else where online? What should i pay for parts? Thank you for any help.
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