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I have a 95 King cab in need of a new box. I realize my best option is a salvage yard, however because I am in Canada and want an non rusted replacement I am looking in desert states.

I found an old post on here about a Nissan only salvage yard in Phoenix Arizona on 35th Avenue. Anybody know the name of this place? Does anyone have sny suggestions on salvage yards in Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico?

I already check but am looking for other leads.

Thank You!
Donna ( 95 Kingcab owner with 236 000 original KM's

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I don't know any salvage yards in the desert states, but being willing to drive opens up a lot of options for you.

There are lots of Facebook groups where owners will mention that they are parting out their trucks and even some sellers who specialize in parting out Hardbody trucks.

Here's one that I am in:

If you join that group, you will be able to see this post that was created just today for 2 beds in Oregon, one regular cab and one king cab:

The listing says $20 each, but he probably meant $200 each.
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