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im thinking of stripping the paint off my car but i dont plan on putting a coat of paint on it right away.
can i drive around with JUST primer on the car or will that not work?
(it is winter here also)
or should i do a section at a time
ie: one fender at a time and section off the rest.
also do the doors of this car come off easy or is that hard work, theres rust i need to get to in a small place

all answers/tips are helpful
thanx in advance ^^

ps: im trying a new method of painting so its not gonna be professional or do i believe it would be of professional quality, im just planning on making my car 2 tone and fixing some paint fade lol.
Paint usually needs to be blended into the rest of the car, regardless if you're painting the entire car or not. Taking parts off and painting them, can also result in different tones, etc. I've seen it happen. When you have it in primer, and drive it, it can still rust, plus you'll look like a *******. If you want to do a section at a time, sand, prime and paint it that day.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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