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I lost my set of keys to my 99 Maxima week before last and have already spent the $170 at the dealer for a replacement transponder key (grrrr). I also lost my only remote, so I ordered a used one off of Ebay. I've followed the instructions for programming the remote to the T and have had zero luck.

I can get the hazards to flash after inserting and withdrawing the key, but I can't get the hazards to flash again after turning the ignition to ACC and pressing a button on the remote. My wife and I have tried at least 40 times already with no luck.

I thought the battery may have been dead in the remote, so I went and bought a new one. Here's the funny thing...when I put the new battery in the remote, my hazards blinked twice and the front windows rolled all the way down. This leads me to believe that there has to be some communication going on between car and remote, but I just don't know why I can't get it to work.

Before I make the call to the dealer to pay someone to do it, can anyone give me some pointers? I also had read somewhere else that there were two different remotes for this generation with FCC ID's ending in different numbers. This one ends in 8, but I honestly don't know if my original one did too. From what I had read though, it seems like a 1999 Maxima should have ended in 8.

Thanks in advance!
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