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New Updated KESS 5.028 Ksuite 2.34 Coming Soon ! The KESS V5.028 will be the new introducted ECU Flasher Tool For Online 257 protocols without tokens limited,no years limited. The 2018 kess v2 5.028 EU will bring new features and functions

1.Kess 5.028 works with the connected Internet and on the ID file itself communicates with the database and downloads the desired file to a folder on the PC.
2.partital virtual read support.
3.Added work with Simos18 blocks released after summer 2015goda. as well as Toyota on the protocol K-Line.

While the Red PCB KESS 5.017 is the hottest and professional ECU Chiptuning Tool For Multi cars,trucks.This tool has been tested by many tuners,received many good feedbacks for its quality,performance,functions as well as price. Red KESS 5.017 can support online 140+ protocols, tested 100% ok !

So,buy KESS 5.017 With Red PCB or wait to buy KESS V2 5.028 Master For Nissan ECU Chiptuning ?

Well, There is no wonder KESS FW5.028 was amazing,yet,it was still underdevelopment and nobody knew when it will be out,so currently,i will give my suggestion to Red KESS 5.017,it can support multi Nissan car models without any problems and this tool has been tested by many tuners,without any problem and the price is cheap affordable too.
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