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Hello all I am the owner of a 2021 Nissan rogue SV, On the 17th of August I was sitting in my vehicles with my daughter and my client, car was off and not moving when all of a sudden there was a big boom almost like an explosion and and we all ducked, when we turn around and looked the back window was shattered and had one big whole to the right and a smaller one the left! There were security cameras where we were and they were checked and nothing hit my vehicle nothing went through window, truck was emptied and check thoroughly and nothing the window just exploded out of nowhere! I called and made a claim to nissan of course they told me that it wasn't covered under warranty and neither was the cut on my clients head from the glass. Dakota at nissan was very rude and told me he didn't care what the forms said because they make the cars! He said they have never had one call or claim about this matter and that I was the first which is a lie! I told him I also leased a 2017 nissan maxima and the passenger side window did the same thing and they covered it, because I was leasing and to not gaslight me, he said I needed to be professional which I was being. I asked what I said that wasn't profession he said he wasn't about to get into that with me! I asked him for his supervisor or to speak to someone else to which he replied that he was the highest person up in nissan and if I didn't want to speak to him then too bad! I'm also going to be making a tiktok so if any of you see this and have had the same problem and have tiktok search for video and add your story please. This cost me 500 deductible because it was 1400 without insurance, plus the cost of rental car, for nissan to not care or be concerned or a little apologetic! My passengers head was cut and no nothing! I'm glad I wasn't driving at the time it would have been way worse! It was the scariest expirence ever!
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