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This one has me really perplexed. The other day I noticed that a small dead bug was trapped at the bottom of my driver's rear tail lamp. I have thoroughly checked out the tail lamp and there doesn't seem the bug (only a few mm's in length) could have gotten into the clear section of the tail lamp. I thought about removing the tail lamp...however, it appears that the clear portion of the tail lamp is sealed to the rest of the assembly. Also, removing bulb assemblies from the rear of the assembly would also be futile since the red/yellow section and white back-up sections rest flush with the clear lens.
Is there any possible way to remove this bug other than replacing the entire rear tail lamp assembly (OEM online costs about $135)? This is unbelievable. BTW, looks like the bug has been dead for quite some time and he is doesn't appear to be breaking down much more.
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