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They unscrew from the top, under that back panel. It doesn't take too long to remove. First thing, get in the trunk with a pair of needle nose and compress all the plastic fasteners you see poking down through the sheetmetal and push them back through. Then slide both your seats all the way to the front, pick up all the taps that flung all over. Now, reach under the front edge of the rear seat bottom, there should be 2 white plastic loops, pull them both and the seat bottom will come right out. Now graba a #2 phillips screwdriver while you're out of the car with the seat bottom. Go back in and remove the two screws that hold the seat back in in the bottom corners. They're through "U" shaped metal wire loops. Lift the seat back up like you're gonig to push it through the ceiling. Then pull one corner out to get it loose and take it out of the car. Now, carefully pull your third brakelight off. Then you should be able to remove that rear panel and swap your speakers out. Should be relatively easy, but I've done it a few times. I once took my seat out and fit 6 12' 2"x12"s and a few 2"x4"S in there with my passenger's seat flat! And you can fit an 8' piece of dimensional lumber with the trunk closed! Built a new set of basement steps for my mother-in-law for mother's day for about $90 in lumber, used the XE for a pickup that day, and many other days. I'd never do that to my SE-R though... or would I? ;)
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