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This Buyer & Seller Feedback/Ratings forum is for the purpose of offering your opinions and experiences of transactions with other members in the For Sale/Wanted forum. Meaning, if you bought a headlight from another user and got a good deal, let everyone else know by posting a message here. On the other hand, if you feel you've been had because someone either never shipped your purchase, or you received a piece of junk, post about it here to warn others away. Sellers may also post their experiences with buyers.

Because this type of forum could easily turn into a user bashing flame fest we have a few rules that are strictly enforced, as well as some suggestions:

  1. This forum is for posting opinions and experiences only! If you're trying to work out a disagreement with someone use private messages or email.
  2. Simply state the facts of the transaction, good or bad, and remain as objective as possible. Rational, well written messages will carry more weight than rambling, incoherent rants.
  3. In keeping with rule #2 above, please do not attack another person's character! Remember, be objective.
  4. Use of thread ratings and message icons are additional useful ways of offering opinions. A "thumbs up" next to the subject will tell everyone quickly that you posted a positive experience.
  5. will not endorse anyone or become involved with any transactions.
  6. Lastly, we may add or remove from this listing at any time.

Team Serious
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Thanks Scott,

I have been waiting for B/S Rating..
I wasn't sure if I could trust some people because I have been burnt before and after someone gets burnt it's hard to trust again if you know what I mean.:mad:

But this is a great way for buyer's & sellers to earn trust..

Thanks Again,
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