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RD28 v Rd28ETI

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This is about a Nissan Patrol, but I can't find the link to that, it does not seem to be listed!

I have an RD28ETI patrol with a cracked block and am stuck here in Kenya. I have searched everywhere and the RD28ETI was never exported to Africa. There are tons of RD28 engines about and TD42's but no turbo efi versions. I am really stuck!! What will the patrol be like if I fit an RD28 with no turbo? Will my injector pump fit on as an addition? It is fine, in fact 1 year old! The TD42 does not look like an option as I would have no donor vehicle for the other bits needed, just an imported engine.

Some feedback would be much appreciated about my plight. I can get an RD28 and fit straight in with no power!? Or how hard will a TD42 be to fit with no donor vehicle?
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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