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My Nissan Sani (South African Pathfinder clone) 2.7TD is getting a little tired: turbo seals are weeping, the engine is starting to use oil, performance is down, etc. It also threw off it's oil feed pipe to the turbo at one stage, and the engine was given a bare-bones fix-up to stay running (bearings, cylinder hone, rings, etc).
Does anybody have any tips on modifying that engine, as it appears it will have to be rebuilt soon anyway? Is this lump the same as the Terrano II motor? (which I can get from Japan as a low-milage import for less than a rebuild)
Or should I just throw in a later Nissan powerplant, and if so, what? 30D from the latest Hardbody?

The stock motor only produces (AFAIK) around 65kW/192NM at the flywheel, so anything could/would be an improvement.
If the answer is "modify", here are some questions:
- best turbo size and type (currently Garrett T2.5?)
- cylinder head mods? (considering it's a 2V per cyl)
- intercooler options on pathfinder/hardbody engine bay with RH steering: don't like hood bulges and hood cut-outs
- conversion from mechanical to electronic fuel-pump?
- cam?
- waste-gate mods / boost settings?
- what else?
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