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i have a 1989 a31 cefiro that previously had a rb20e in it . after blowing a conrod through the block of my rb20 i decided to opt for th bigger and beter rb30e . i am still runing the rb20e computer and loom but i have had to make some minor adjustments to th injector plugs.the engine was running fine til it droped all its water and warped the head al split the radiator. i have just replaced the head and radiator , at the same time i have also done the water pump, leads and dizzy and new head bolts.
the problem i now face is when the engine is running , it tends to run extremly rich to the point of the plugs being fowled up in a mater of miniutes, and when i give it full throttle, as soon as the engine reachs 3500rpm it cuts out and drops to idle . i have tried the fuel reg, replaced it and still no diffrence , same with changing the fuel pump , same result. i have even gone to the degree of reseting my computer and replacing the air flow meter. im am absolutly stumped .
any help wil be much appreciated
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