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rb26 280zx

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I need to know if anyone has put a rb26 in a 280zx and how well it fits:)
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swaping in an rb26 or a v8 is gonna be cheaper, very easy to do(its been done many times) and nets VERY VERY good results...
Where do you get your numbers? You don't need to do forged anything to upgrade to turbo.

The engines are pretty much the same with some minor ones.

To turbo any Z (70-83) all it takes is the turbo, oil feed line, manifold, j-pipe (or FMIC), EFI intake, and either the stock wiring harness or an aftermarket FMU.

I did this exact same swap and spent about $700. $700 < 6k+

The second best swap price wise is the SBC or small block Ford. When I'm done with my v8 swap i'll have less than 2k into it.

The most expenisive is going to be the RB series.

For example take the RB25DET NEO

Front clip - $1500-$2500
FMIC setup - $400
Special intercooler with brackets - $400
Engine/tranny mounts -$600
Rear sump oil pan (custom job) - $500
Wiring harness revamp - $300-$600
Drive shaft - $200
Exhaust system - $300-$800 depending on how you want it to go
Throttle cable -$70 (lokar)
Hoses, fueses, extra wire & connectors, fluids ext... say about $200 or so

So say you get a good deal on the front clip you'll be spending close to anywhere from 5k-10k just for just parts not including labor and beer for when you mess something up.

I digress yes the RB will fit in a z/zx but it will not be cheap.
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Same for Me!! But i am trying to put a RB25/RB26 in my 240z- Where could I find a wiring harness to fit from the engine to the car?? New to engine swaps, please help:wtf:
As far as the wiring the best thing to do is head on over to and ask there.
^^^ tell that to anyone on they too will tell you its not worth upgrading to forged internals. Only way forged makes sence is if you plan on boosting 20-30psi. At that point you'll need alot more than just a rebuilt engine.

I may only have 54 posts on this site but check out what I have on Z car. I'm not new to these cars or engines.

I do agree though if you want to get 400hp out of an L-series engine you will be paying more than to swap to a v8 / rb / sr / ka engine setup.

Realistically the cheapest route to get 400hp is the V8. I'll be pushing close to 320hp at the rear when done with my swap. After I upgrade the rear end to either a 9" ford or the c4 vett IRS setup then I'll upgrade the engine with a supercharger/turbo (not decided yet) and juice it.
Could not dissagree with you there. I miss understood what you and the op said.

No fair you have a GTR32...
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