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Rattling sound that starts at around 2200 RPM

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When the engine revs to about 2200 RPM i get a noticeable rattling sound. When the RPM drops below 1900 the rattle sound goes away. Its very definite right at these RPMs and sounds like a pump or electric motor turning ON OFF at these preset RPMs. But...if im cruising at 40mph and I shift it to Neutral, and I free rev the engine past the 2200RPMs it does NOT make the rattling sound, which leads me to believe its a transmission issue?

Also, If i dont start the pathfinder for over a week it has a pretty loud rattling on startup. It doesnt do it if i drive it everyday
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You did not specify what year, the engine type and the transmission type the vehicle has. The pathfinders circa 2013-2020 used CVT's, so from your description of the problem, it sounds like the CVT is dying.
2010 V6 auto 4wd -- Rattle may be a wrong description, it kinda sounds like a pump or motor spinning up
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