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rattle noise below shifter

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Lately I've been hearing a rattle type noise that sounds like it's coming from below the manual shifter. Is there anything under the boot/ or car that could be rattling? I thought I read somewhere that there is a heat shield below the shifter linkage?
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Your cat is pretty much right below the shifter/E-brake, the haet sheild is probably loose or the flanges are rusting away and you are developing an exhaust leak.
Yup, my started rattling after I put the short shifter in at about 80 MPH.
The main heat shield is bolted pretty securely to the body, check that but also check the heat shields that are wrapped around the exhaust pipes. I have had issues with those rusting out and getting loose on both of my cars. Do you have a short throw shifter ? When I installed mine, I had to cut away part of the shield to clear the bottom of the shifter and I also used longer bolts with washers on the main heat shield to lower it a bit so the shifter control rod didn't rub. :)
rattling noise

I, too, have a rattling noise when accelerating at lower speeds. In addition, there is a pretty severe rattling noise when I'm at a stop light or stop sign but in gear. Does this sound like a heat shield issue? What's the best course of action? Thanks.
probably is a heat shield.

2 options, 1) get under there and just remove the offender. 2) find the flange (or what is left of it) where the 2 shields were bolted together (that's where they rust out) . If there is still a flang left, you can squeeze the 2 together and run a self tapper through the 2 shields (not into the pipe) and use that to hold them together. worked for me on the other car and lasted until I got rid of it. if too badly rusted, see option # 1. :thumbup:
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