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wes said:
I am sure that is a nic escrewdriver however if you are in the market for something that you will wonder how you lived without check this out...

This is THE best screwdriver I have ever used, I have owned Craftsman, Snap-On, and a ton of others and honestly they do not hold a CANDLE to the skewdriver.

My dad is a retired mechanic that now sells tools for a living, he gave me one of these for christmas a few years ago and I have never looked back!
i too have the pistol grip (its a crafstman though) and i love it, but! for some reason they made it with storage in the handle and a "revolving door" to keep all of the bits and and when you are screwing something in that door with turn with your hand (ITS RIGHT WHERE YOU GRIP!!!!) so all the bits fall out :mad: the pistol grip gives great TQ......lousy design. ill be getting the one you suggested though in a little while.
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