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RAM intake

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I recently bought a new intake for my car. Its a piece of cake to install and the old one is even easier to remove. I only have one issue, The airflow sensor. I dont have a place to put it in the new intake without cutting a spot out of the intake an sealing it up. I dont think thats the best way to do it, i might need to replace the sensor at some point. How might I go about hooking the old sensor up to the New intake. Its a short air intake so there is not much room for me to cut out a spot anyway. Any help would be appreciated.
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what year sentra? 97 or newer just keep the sensor on the plastic snorkel and leave the snorkel itself in place and no CEL will come on. older than 97 (than you have no idea what "snorkel" im talking about) search forums, most people just zip tie it near the filter and it should be fine. search for better answers.
Its a 95. Its the 200sx but its basically a sentra, same thing just a smaller body. I am thinking about just taking out the MAF sensor and cutting a duct in the intake and sealing it in somehow, something i can remove. I may try to attach the whole base to the new intake.
wait wait are u talking about the mass airflow sensor or the air temperature sensor?? the intake should be behind the mass airflow sensor...which just leaves the temp sensor. which one you talkin bout ?
the mass air flow. I am also going to move the temp sensor though, but thats not as bad as the MAF sensor.
i jsut put on an injen short ram and a set of pacesetter headers.....lots and lots more torque!! are you planning on any other mods soon?
Did you Kit come with a MAF adapter? Usually they go, air filter, MAF, and the piping to intake manifold, so you should have to cut. Just put the MAF on the end of the piping, assuming I'm thinking of the right thing.
actually I was planning on getting some new headers soon, how hard was the install? In another few months im replacing the cooling system completely and getting a turbo to put on. prob not a big one but something for a little more power. Oh by the way I got my intake on, I just took the old MAF and rigged it on and it works fine. When i can get a camera I can post a picture.
If your looking to go turbo then dont waste your money on headers. You will just be replacing them when you turbo. Really take a look at what is involved with adding a turbo to your car. Its not just a quick bolt on job. Read alot before you even start buying items to do this.
Yeah honestly you will end up replacing your intake also, if you put a turbo on. If you're new to turbos I would definitely suggest a kit. (there is a video of the kit I purchased at thesentrachannel on youtube). If you are familiar there are some pretty good kits you can piece together. It all depends on experience, power goals, and a hefty wad of money.
akexnads, ur car is pretty badass...i love the episodes
Thanks for the good words man should be more episodes coming soon. I've just been a little busy and really lazy the last two weeks.
I got the intake on and everything. It looks great and sounds great. I will post a picture at some point but have run into a major problem with something else on the car and have to figure out whats going on...
now cant you just take the box off and stick a come shaped filter on there? or is that totally different than buying a metal tubed one.
You have to get a maf adapter, but yes you can just put a cone filter on, and take the stock box off. I don't think there would be a very big difference between the stock plastic intake and a shiny metal one, other than looks.
sweet that saves me money i think idk lol.
You can find a maf adapter and cheap filter on ebay for pretty cheap (20 or less) or you can just get the adapter and then buy a good filter. I think jwt might sell a pop charger with maf adapter, but they're more expensive.
Here is what mine looks like. It might help.

is that all he did was put a cone filter on a stock intake pipe? cause thats what mine would look like
that is what he did.
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