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ram air

i have a ram air system, it works really well, i opted for this rather then a CAI because of where i live it rains and snows a lot, and theres always gunk on the road, so i'd rather not have that on my filter and/or in my engine.

i think that a CAI is more streight foreward, and might make slightly more power, BUT if you get the weapon r intake and heat shield, but don't get the ram air "kit" the hose they give you is really flimsy, SO what i did and what i recomend doing is buying an aluminium duct hose and use that in place of there hose, its less restrictive, therefore you get better air flow. just take the heat shield with you to any home improvment store, so that you can size it to fit the heat shield, and then just buy that duct hose and a hose clamp and your in bisness.

and if you really dont have money, buy a pop charger and a duct hose and run the hose to the filter, wont be as good, but it will be better then just the pop charger by its self, and the duct hose will only cost you about 5 bucks.

don't let anyone tell you that rams DONT make a difference, because i've tested it, i took mine off and ran the 1/4, then i put it back on and run .18 faster.
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