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that actually is horrible... that means 25% of the people don't like it. That sucks!!! It means, late shipping, bad product, poor customer service, NO SHIPPING, etc... I would say it would acceptable to have 17 negatives if u had about 1,000 or so. Even thats pushing it. But this guy sucks. He has his thing set for private just so people can't see what other people are saying. I've dealt with asses like that on e-bay that bid on a product and don't pay or pay late or screw around.. its just not worth it. I've also bought from people w/ like 2 feedbacks not knowing anything about them and goten screwed. don't put ur self in that situation. Unless money grows on trees and u have a farm.. it's not worth wasting $70 and a lot of ur time and aggrevation on this.
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