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Radiator/Cooling fans - power, motor, or relay issue?

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Greetings all -

Just polling the masses to see if anyone has come across this issue before. My 93 SE (188k mi) was having some cooling issues recently. On highway speeds the temps were in the middle, but as soon as I hit traffic the temps would slowly rise. The other day the needle got near the "H" and boiled coolant over into the overfill tank because it was idling in the driveway. After some research I narrowed the issue down to either the thermostat or a radiator issue. Of course, no leaks were going on anywhere so I thought it might be the thermostat. The waterpump is about 2 years new. I changed the thermostat out yesterday (real PITA) - still the same issue. Of course, this time while hovering over the engine bay I noticed the fans never kicked on and a lightbulb instantly went off in my head. Oddly, if I shook the radiator around the driver's side fan would rotate - notice I didn't say "run", but rotate. Once I quit shaking it or tapping on the fan guard, the fan would simply quit rotating. It's almost as if either the fan motor is dying/dead or there is not enough voltage being supplied. The passenger side fan never turned at all. I checked and reseated both the relays and fan connectors. If I were to check voltages, would I simply touch the nodes of a voltmeter on the fan connector ends? Would the Haynes suggest a point to check voltages?

Given the above scenario, what would be your thoughts on what's causing the issue? A: bad fan motors, B: bad relays, C: bad connection or low voltage, D: OTHER

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.
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Strip the motor and check the spring loaded armature brushes.

Although spring loaded, if they reach their lifespan, they dont contact the commutator, and will cause exactly what you experienced.
If you knock it about they sort of contact.

Costs next to nothing to replace!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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