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Hey y'all I just installed a lift on my wife's 2000 Pathfinder. I did a lot of research before hand so I went with 9449 springs in the rear with Bilstein shocks and in the front KYB struts with AC 2in lift coils and there 1/2 in spacers, as they claim it'll raise it another inch. Well I'm very happy with the back and we gained about 4-4¹/² inches. Her old suspension was really worn out and in the front I only gained like 3. But I see YouTube people getting that with AC springs anyways. Right now I'm running stock worn down tires measuring 29in but from bottom on wheel well and ground i only measure 34 in. And on passenger side is 34¹/⁴ - 34¹/². In the front. Does that seem too low? I want to get another inch out of the front, we are running WARN disconnects up front but our CV angles arnt bad. What do y'all get for measurements up front from group to bottom of wheel fender. I'm running 255/65/16 but will upgrade to 265/75/16 with 2in wheel spacers. I might call and get a 1in spacer instead of the 1/2 I spacer. Or is everyone getting around the same measurements?
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