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Which One Do You Like?

  • First R35 Concept

    Votes: 13 46.4%
  • Second R35 Concept

    Votes: 7 25.0%
  • Neither

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Wow....I'm impressed by those pics!

For awhile there, I tought Nissan was going to badge the G35 Coupe as a GTR (but with more Hp)......I would've been fine with that also. The G35 Coupe definately makes up for the awkward looking sedan.

Anyone have any possible MSRP figures for the anticipated R35?

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Someone here said that Nissan plans to put a VQ35 series motor in the new this the same motor used in the 350Z and G35, but with turbo???

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Re: R35

Nissan Terror said:
the R35 wich i have seen in tokyo is a replica of the infiniti yes it is AWD and it is TT and it runs 12's it has nice interior and it is coming to the u.s. after it comes out just like my R34 i got 1 when it first came out wich was 7 years after :eek:
you have a 95 R34? wow thats amazing, considering there was no R34 at that time. a 95 GT-R would be an R33. and no, the R35 was not released in japan yet. so you didnt see anything. there is a V35, which is exactly the same as the G35 in america. the second 'R35' concept that was posted, the one that looks more like an R34, is fake. that was made years ago by a magazine in japan as speculation as to what it might look like. it is in no way an indication of the actual R35 car. the R35 concept is similar to what the new GT-R will look like. i saw a picture of it, next to the new supra as well. i forgot the website. but ill look for it. its a twin turbo V6, and the new supra is an NA V6.

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I dont think that big bulky thing will get into production its a too wild design for people. Its sopposed to weigh around 4000lbs.Thats way to heavy.

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Incidental Report: seen at several JGTC races in japan were a pair of R34 GT-R's running twin turbo charged VQ35 engines...the next GT-R will be making its way to both the US and the rest of world and will most likely (for the sake of part interchangeability and ease of tech work at dealers) be using the above-said will be based on the FM platfrom of the G35, G35 SC, and 350Z, and will be using an upgraded version of the current ATTESSA AWD system as well as traction control/electronic braking control systems taken from the current R34...most of the electronic wizardy will also make the transfer, and some inside info from Nissan indicates that some numbers for hp are being pitched around that start with 5...but then again, who really knows until it hits are shores...but we can all dream can't we?
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