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GTES-t said:
Ah, I get it now.

It's a good thing about the badges. The pics without them do look a lot better. And I'm sure you've seen the "Ricer" Americans over there with the badges that don't belong. There was one when I was there that had an R32 Nissan Skyline GTS with Frickin Honda Badges put on it!

It's actually causing some problems here in the UK, ruining the GTR's reputation. There are some here who have non-turbo Skylines, then put GTR badges on them. Of course some one races them, beating them easily and those that don't know think the GTR is crap because they have no idea of what is and isn't a GTR, just what the badge says.
Not all americans are ricers!! Just most of em. :) I wont comment on myself because it probably wouldnt be objective. I am saving for a skyline GTS or GTT, but be sure i wont be doing any false advertising.

I used to see a guy every morning on my way to work with a GTR badge on his Toyota Corolla. I think he paid more for the badge than he did for his car. I suppose all that truly matters is that the people who truly know about the GTR are the people who really matter. Dont worry about its rep though, i dont think anything could ruin that. Its a beautiful car and only for the truly discerning and dedicated owner. Let those posers have their fun. They'll get smoked all day long. :)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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