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Hi there im hopeing someone may be able to help me I have a r32 skyline gts auto 2000 cc i have had a really anoying fault with this vehicle that no mechanic has been able to find.Basically the easiest way to describe it is that when my car is cold it has some sort of fault when i accelerate i have power for a couple of seconds then it retards itself feels like a huge sucking back sensation with no pwer i then try to put foot down and again theres power for a sec then it sucks back again all the while sounding retarded this continues for maybe 5 to ten mins of driving like it then seems to clear increasing car to normal ive replaced air filters sensors ,coils ,oil filters,fuel filters basically everything my mechanic can think of .If anyone can shed some light or ideas on this for me i would be stoked as ive put up with it for ages :):newbie:
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