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R32 GT-S LSD internals? Not sure, help before install.

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When I bought my car, I was also given the internals to a R32 GT-S R200 LSD.
I have seen some pictures of different types of LSD's, but for some reason, this doesn't look like most I see in the pics.

Is it really a LSD? I am worried that I may have just been given some open diff parts maybe?

If it is a LSD, and I am going to install it, would it be a good idea to have a transmission shop do the work (I would remove diff and take to them).
I don't think I could correctly measure and adjust the shims for the output shafts, etc.

Here are the pics:

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I have gotten some replies on other forums, one person thinks this is a VLSD, the other thinks it's an open diff.

I think it might be an open diff, and I was mislead. These parts were given to me with the car, so I don't understand why then would lie about it, but I was told this was a LSD R200 from a R32 GT-S.

I wonder what car this is even from now, it's got the 5x1 bolt pattern...
It is a VLSD. The thing that stuck to me is the different lengths of the half shafts. An open diff they are both the same short shafts. The 5x1 bolt pattern is probably JDM or 300zx N/A differential. If you can get the axles, change them 2x3 ones out, the 5x1 are a lot stronger!
Most people think it's a VLSD.

It's definatly not an open diff, here's a pic of one.

Still not sure if it is a mechanical LSD or a VLSD.

like I said, it's supposedly from a R32 GT-S.
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