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Discussion Starter · #1 · a few questions.....bought the car over a year ago.......did some mods so far....but now getting serious.

Planning on Bluebird or GTiR im getting the chassis ready for it. I bought a few gauges (oil pressure, a/f ratio and vacuum/boost) from Auto-meter for an A-pillar pod.....I got an Oil Pressure gauge and was wondering where i can install the sending unit on my current we have a sending unit from the factory?? The vacuum/boost gauge can just goto a vacuum line and the a/f ratio just needs wired into the O2 sensor so i got them under control. So, anyone wire a Oil pressure gauge up in your 200SX SE-R??? Ive done them before on american pushrod motors....most have a sending unit you just replace or use.

Secondly, got front and rear upper strut tower bars.....and the front one is rubbing on the hood and sometimes on the motor......i adjusted it outta the way and it still seems to be rubbing the hood.....think the frame is twisted?? any opinions would be helpful.

Thirdly, anyone ever wire up a fuba antenna?? i wanna do it and am looking for advice as far as sealing the hole and routing the wire........have a sunroof so it might be a lil difficult.

Projectors.......anyone have em?? i want the halo ones.....but where do i wire the halo wires to?? Im thinking marker lights??

Stillen G-load hard of an install??

i think thats all the mod questions ive got for now......thanks in advance for any help on these issues!!

aka Manytoys
97 200SX SE-R
94 Dodge Stealth R/T
90 Plymouth Laser RS
87 Chrysler 5th Ave
76 Dodge Power Wagon
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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