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i was just reading about this recall on the fuel injectors and i was this why my car is really hard to start sometimes? like when it hasnt been running for a while? i dont know to much about engines but what are some signs that i need this fixed?....
also, i brought my vin into nissan and he couldnt find my car......and im pretty shur its from canada because the digital dash is in km's. if they cant find my car, theres no way they will fix it is there?
thanks for your time!

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Ummm the digital dash can be switched between kph and mph unless your talking about the second speedo below the main one.

If it is CDM it will show up too.

That is not the reason your car is not starting.

It is a service campaign not a recall.

The sign that the service campaign needs to be done immediately is leaking injector seals.

I would think your car needs a tune-up if it is hard to start. Change out the fuel filter, air filter, cap and rotor, plugs, wires, etc... could also be the starter is dieing.

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If you have the digital dash to the right side of the speedo will be a button. Push it to run the little diagnostic test and turn it either clockwise or counter-clockwise (forgot which) to change the speedo measurement
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