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I've done a search about engine mounts....... i'm no pro at all.....
a little history about the car

95 200sx 1.6
400 000km
My buddy and I recently did the time chain....... and during the process he realized that my front passenger side motor mount was cracked.
we bought a new one...... no name?'s metal with the black rubber inside.

Once it was all back together......I noticed that there is a loud vibration when in drive (idleing, like waiting at a red light)
If i put it into nuetral the vibration goes only happens in drive.

and recently I noticed some shifting in the engine.....I checked the motor mount and it was loose so I tightened it.

We are thinking about replace it or all of them......... now I've done a search here and saw some red motor mount things........ what are these and are the better than the regular motor mounts.


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you might be reffering to polyuretrane inserts that replace the black rubber. it makes it alot stiffer and your vibrations would be worse.
Also, your in the wrong section. go to the B14 Sentra section.
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