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ok yes this is in the wrong section of the GTR forum

but is it worth the 2-3 grand for the GTR....

well look at it this way...

depending on the GTS you are looking at it could be a GTS-4, a GTS, a GTS-T or a GTS-25T

i own a GTR and yes its worth the extra couple grand... for a couple reasons

one the power, much more power than a GTS, its AWD unless you get a GTS-4 the GTR will handle and corner better... and if you get the GTS4 it wont be nearly as fast as the GTR...

buying a GTS is like buying a moped and buying a GTR is like buying a rocket ship

sure the GTS is still a skyline and will still perform well and handle good, but the GTR is on a whole different lvl
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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