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Hey, Ive got a quick question about fairness in selling for yall.

I sold my valve cover to a guy off the forums. He sent me the money, i sent him the valve cover 3 day ground, getting him a tracking number the first day.

He messeges me today after receiving it, saying that my ad was misleading, and saying that all the seals were broken, and that it was not polished but painted. He says that I lied to him, and that he wants a full refund.

Well heres the story,

1. The ad was in fact correct, it was polished, Liuspeed has seen the valve cover, cause i bought it from him, and polished it
2. The seals were broken when i bought from Liuspeed, hell vouch for that, and I used the valve cover, so how would i be able to use it if it had 4 broken seals, especially when 1 was missing when i bought it from Liu. I replaced all 4 seals.

Now what should I do. I dont want to refund his money, cause hes calling me a liar, and hes saying that my ad was misleading, when it was 100% true. I responded to him by saying that i wont refund his money due to him being ignorant and not reading the full description.

What would yall do, cause its kinda bothering me, cause as most DNE people know, im a really fair person.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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