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My check engine light is on, saying that my rear o2 sensor needs to be replaced. I know the problem now, but is likely to be the root cause of the problem? Is it likely that my catalytic inverter needs to be replaced? I haven't altered the exhaust as I am trying to get this car ready to sell for I can get a 95 SE-R. I'm surrently in a 95 200SX SE.

Also, has anyone had much of a problem getting the rear o2 sensor off? Mine is rusted in place. I tried some "liquid wrench" to loosen up the rust, but that didn't help any. I don't have access to a torch sadly, so I cant take that approach. Is there a special tool I need for this? It doesn't look anything like the sensor in the headers, and the tool for the front sensor doesn't fit the rear.

Is there a way to completely disconnect the cat and 02 sensor from the car itself? If I can do that, I friend of mine might be able to help me at his shop. Problem is, I would have to carry the cat and sensor in to avoid the business charging me, so thus the situation for needing the cat off the car. Sorry for the long post, but I'm at my wits end on this.

This is the only qualm I have with Nissans.... they are a pain to work on sometimes. But IMO, it is worth the effort for what we are repayed with... :D
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