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Hi All,

I am new to the forum - hello there!

I am a mobile diag tech in the UK & desperately need wiring diagrams, pinout data for the ECM, fuel system data for the above vehicle please. Have tried all my other sources to no avail for this vehicle.

Here is the story- Petrol /LPG conversion with very rough idle, but ok under load.

I went to the vehicle yesterday (friday) and did a cylinder leak test: Cylinders 1,2 & 4 Ok with 12% leakage, Cylinder 3 - 78% leakage ! I could hear the air whistling past the inlet and exhaust valves. Quite how the garage owner had good compression readings (he said wet and dry test) I dont know?

So, there we go - owner said box it up it goes to auction. Hmm.

Next part of the Saga.

I ran it out of the shop and parked it up. 2 hours later garage owner calls me - car starts but cuts out when throttle depressed and blue fuel pump relay (R/H kick panel) chatters furiously. I return, do a code read - P0093 fuel leak also P1614 Interior IC fault (AD states no signal). Erased codes but car will not start and immobiliser light (red LED) is on.
Turn off key and immediately try again, car starts & runs for an unlimited time but cuts out immediately throttle is depressed.
I suspect ECU is cutting fuel because it thinks it has a leak. Motor factors tell me there is no separate fuel pressure switch so I assume it is inbuilt in the tank unit?
I went again this morning (Saturday) and tried the vehicle from cold, it started and ran and revved freely without incident until the vehicle warmed up then when pedal was depressed it cut out. The car restarts freely so it can't be a crank sensor fault, can it?
I was wondering whether the low fuel level in the tank was leading to the tank unit / pressure switch/regulator to overheat and give false readings causing the problem so I filled the tank.
Same results.

Autodata does not give me wiring diagrams nor component locations, trouble shooting data for this vehicle so I am blind. Does anybody have any wiring diagrams, test data, anything I can use to test this vehicle and components please - I am open to suggestions, there is already a rag hanging out of the filler pipe - just need to find my lighter.

Many thanks,

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