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I did a fair amount of searching but found no references to this topic.

I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra DE with a QG18DE engine that we got for a deal too good to pass up. The engine is not worth repairing IMO since it has a broken rod on cylinder 1 and low compression in cylinder 3, with the other two cylinders measuring 130PSI.

Given the questionable nature of the circumstances that would have to occur to create this kind of damage, there is probably other internal damage. Not worth the trouble. I plan to have a replacement engine before pulling the other to swap.

I have been looking for a replacement 1.8 engine. I've noticed that the newer versions of this engine seem to be had cheaper(and with lower mileage) possibly due to the larger pool of 4 years. When I do searches for this engine, it generally breaks the engines up into 2000-2001, 2002 alone, 2003-2006.

Can anyone tell me what differences there are between the 2000-2001 version of this engine and any of the newer versions? Block, internals, mount points, intake/exhaust, sensors, ECM, harness, etc?

Is the newer version of the 1.8 a better built or better running engine? I have no goals for performance, this is just to get an economical car on the road.

Opinions are welcome,
Stephen Firestone
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