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Hi, ive an 01 almera with the qg18de engine and only 60k on it, ive only had the car a couple of months and the trouble its giving me is ridiculous. Shame on Nissan!

Engine management turns on and mysteriously turns off after a few hundred miles and remains off for a couple of months

Engine light comes on again and the c/s sensors are replaced (seemed to resolve the problem)

Light comes on again accompanied by an irritating juddering sensation from the engine at about 2000 rpm. I then have the timing chain and tensioners replaced. Nissan quoted me approx £1000. Eh... no chance, had it done independently for £450 (pretty reasonable)

One week later the car greets me with the horrible sound of a chain being dragged over a piece of box section that increases with the revs.
The car is now back in the garage again.

Before you all tell me that this been discussed before i am only posting the thread as another example of a victim of this bull****
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