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QG18DE 05 rough idle / head issue

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So, I posted about my car was over heating and I went to tires plus to get it fixed...the overheating was caused because there was pits in the head so now after they fixed that issue, now my car has this really weird idle noise. The car is still at their shop and they said it sounds like my car has aftermarket cams in it...LOL which I don' they are trying to find out what the issue is...this may go unanswered but just here for anyone who hasn't posted and may be looking for the same answer. What I have is a 1.8S automatic with a Weapon R short ram, Headers downpipe exhaust, and that WRP crank pulley(LOL)
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Have you tried to reset the ecu, and you might have to do the idle relearn aka pedal dance.:waving:
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