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Hi, first time here...

Over the last 15 years I've owned three used Nissan pickups...all of them very simple 2WD 4-cylinder king-cab trucks. I love the 4-cyl engine and the manual transmission...never had a single problem outside normal maintenance. However, every truck ended up going to the salvage yard at around 130K miles due to frame rot. Can't complain; I paid $3K to$5K for each to begin with and got an average of five years out of each of them. Overall, $12K investment for 15 years of trouble-free driving.

I'm now looking at a used 2002 Crew V6 4WD 5-speed. Major change for me. Based on things I've read here and talking to the local indy shop owner I think I may need to rethink. The truck I'm looking at has 100K miles on it. I can probably get it for around $7K.

Can anyone comment on this truck at 100K miles. I know it will need a timing belt and water pump next. It is owned by a woman who took it in religiously for all scheduled maintenance, including the 90K package recently.

I'm worried about things like head gasket, exhaust manifolds, suspension parts (bushings, links, tie rods, etc.). I don't want to buy it then have to dump another $2K into it over the next couple of years.

Is this truck "used up" at 100K miles or are you all experiencing essentially problem-free ownership for longer than that?

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