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pulling over in the rain

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i have a cold air intake in my 200

today on the way home from school it started pouring...i've avoided rain until now so it was my first time dealing with the inevitable situation

so it was raining real hard and puddles all over the place so i pulled over into a parking lot and waited for about 45 minutes till the rain slowed down

my question is....was i being too cautious?...should i have just driven home and not worried about water being sucked into my engine?

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the general rule of thumb is if you cant see the top of the curb dont drive throught the water. most cai systems are not that low unless the car has been lowered.

best reccomendation is measure from the ground to the cai and then measure a curb and remember where that level is. if its lower than that then yer safe is its not better stop. or get an air bypass valve. aem sells them really neat too.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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