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Projector headlights

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Will the 95-98 sentra projector headlamps fit on my 99 sentra? What corner would look the best with these lights?
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What color is your car? A dark color works well with 'stealth', as does white or silver. Just paint your projectors to match.
Other colors, go with JDM clear. GO to new zealand auto junk yard web sites to get a pair. They're real common on the Lucino's there. Plus your projectors were physically designed to work with them (and a JDM grille).
Shipping is like $35 for boat, and takes 4 weeks. Same week costs triple.

It's a parts database. Just ask them (the place where the search engine sends you) for a pic, and they'll send you one of the specific part. I have to admit though, it isn't nice to make them run around with a digital camera if you aren't serious. No place will send you 20 pictures of different pieces. How do you think I got this:


P.S. It's better if you send them a picture of the part that you are looking for, and for them to match it. I sent this photo:
No, amber corners are not Australian/New Zealand market so you can't get them. However the same ones in crystal clear you can.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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