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Day 14
July 10, 2007
Blown suspension stinks. I’ve been riding on blown KYB AGX’s and Eibach Sportlines for far too long. But today I changed all of that, and got a set of Stance GR+ Pro’s. But first since I have S14 knuckles and drilled out the mounting bolts in my AGX’s to fit S14 bolts and I dont want to drill the Stances out, I made bushings.
I started out with some thick wall steel rod.

Then machined it down some to get a nice smooth surface.

Then I drilled it out.

The made more passes until it was down to the correct outer diameter, cut it out and made three more.

Next I took of my 17x10 rear wheels to see the ugly sight I was expecting.

Eew, blown shocks with all of the fluid on the outside. So, out those had to go, and in go the Stances.

Jeez, these things are beefy.
Next the fronts went on, with my little spacers fitting oh so perfectly.

I didn’t know if this was the right way to do this, I didn’t read the manual, so I set my camber plates as far positive as they would go, that way if I set my wheel camber to zero, I would have that whole angle of adjustment to go negative. Seems like it made sense to me, since I will never use positive camber.

Next we got out the scale pads, which aren’t really supposed to go on the floor, but I was to lazy to get the set up pad.

The wheels had to come off and on a few times to adjust the ride hight, camber and corner weights. And finally I got it close enough for now, since it was getting close to midnight.

So I got out the torque wrench and started torquing things back down. You can tell here how hard I had been working.

The next day I tweaked the right heights a little more and decided it was time to pull the fenders off and relocate the front harnesses that will get rubbed through on a lowered car.

First I took off the fender.

Then took all the thick wire loom off the harness and rewrapped it with electrical tape. pounded part of the seam flat to get the harness above it, and the rest of it at a right angle to hold the harness up. Then I cut out a section of the wire loom and put it around the harness where it crosses the seam.

Next I strategically stuck on some ziptie holders.

And finally I ziptied it on.

The fenders were a huge pain to put back on, exacerbated by the fact I didn’t take the front bumper off. But all in all, it wasn’t too bad and the peace of mind is worth it all.

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Awsome build man. Are their any plans to upgrading the rest of the suspension to full competition spec, or keep it simple for DD use?
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