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So a buddy of mine has a good stock turbo from one of his Gen 1 Talons. He is going to give this to me, along with a manifold. So what I intend to do is take the turbo flange of his manifold and get it welded onto the stock GA16DE manifold. So basicly I will have the turbo and manifold for less than $100. Now I know its a small turbo, but its boost, and its cheap. So thats why I am doing it. Plus since my car isnt road ready anyway, this is a good time to do this.

So, my initial questions are:

1: Has anyone installed a Super-AFC themselves, particularly an Apexi S-AFC???

2: Am I going to need bigger injectors? I figure I will, so will SR20 handle the fuel?? What are the GA16s rated at and what are the SR20's rated at???

3: Whats the best way to run the oil lines to and from the turbo??

And for now, finally, does anyone have any pictures of their turbo project???

Also, if anyone has any parts that I will need that they wanna sell me for a reasonable amount, shoot them my way.

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The turbo from the 1st Gen Talons (14B) is larger than the T25 many of the turboed SR20s are using. The GA16DE injectors are way to small for that turbo, I have know idea what size they are but I am assuming that they are around 200cc. I say this because the stock SE-R injectors are 259cc. Many of the turboed SR20s are using 370cc injectors, which the T25 can just about max out at a fuel pressure of 3 bar. If you want to run the 14B, I would recommend a minimum of 370cc injectors. When running the oil lines just tap into your block. I would say that you would probably want to install a new fuel pump as well, probably a wabro 255. There are still some other issues that you will probably have to address, such as your MAF, intercooler piping, intercooler, custom downpipe, larger exhaust (2.5" should be good for your application). I also foresee some tuning issue, when you try to get this setup running. Best of Luck.
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